Looking to join a fun team working on meaningful stuff. I prefer to use statically typed, purely functional programming languages.

Software Engineer at Signal. Senior Software Engineering Consultant on Shutterstock Contributor team. Maker at FiftyThree. Software Engineer at Zynga Seattle. Co-Founder of The Thingdom. Developer at Bing, working on Search User Experience. Former developer at Microsoft Live Labs, working on Zoom.it and related Seadragon projects.

Received my ETH BSc in Computer Science in May, 2010. Former intern at Microsoft Live Labs and Zoomorama.

I am an avid photographer and traveler.

If you'd like to know more, I suggest reading my blog.


Daniel Gąsienica


Projects & Publications

  • ZoomHub (formerly: zoom.it)

    View and share high-resolution images seamlessly and blazingly fast

  • OpenZoom

    Open Source Toolkit for Multiscale Images and Zoomable User Interfaces (ZUI)

Functional Programming


Web APIs, Mashups & REST

Software Engineering Seminar

Maturaarbeit: Architecting Rich Internet Applications

Ольхон Swissness.
Billions & Billions Served. La Degustation – Bohême Bourgeoise Tumbaurhe